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Manage your passwords on macOS using pass, the standard Unix password manager
While there are tons of great password managers available on every platform, I was looking for something that would blend flawlessly in my environment without having to deal with any heavy GUI. Pass, the standard Unix password manager, does just that.
macos unix security shell
November 30, 2020

Scheduling MySQL tasks using Python and cron jobs on Linux / Amazon Linux / macOS - Deleting databases and users at fixed intervals
When creating live versions for some of my projects I needed to create temporary MySQL users and databases and had to find a way to automate their deletion every 24 hours.
mysql python linux shell
October 21, 2020

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Synology Download Station CLI (in progress)
Working on creating a command line interface to manage Download Station on Synology NAS DSM via SSH. Inspired by Matthias Radig original code that is not working on DSM most recent versions and is unfortunately not maintained anymore. Download station will be controllable via both command line arguments and interactively via a fully fledged ncurses interface. Work in progress.
  • Download Station can be controlled via command line arguments
  • Download Station can also be controlled via a fully fledged ncurses interface
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