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Manage your passwords on macOS using pass, the standard Unix password manager
While there are tons of great password managers available on every platform, I was looking for something that would blend flawlessly in my environment without having to deal with any heavy GUI. Pass, the standard Unix password manager, does just that.
macos unix security shell
November 30, 2020

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tinyDLM - C++ Download Manager
C++ download manager built around cURLpp and ncurses I've never encountered a simple yet efficient download manager that would be free AND still maintained. So I decided to build my own and figured out it would be a great way to learn more about C++, multithreading, sockets and desktop applications and I did learn a lot along the way ! I could have used multiple non blocking sockets instead of threads and therefore only use one thread for the download manager part, but I really wanted to learn more about multithreading and its pitfalls. The main window is actually made of 2 subwindows: the downloads list displayed as a curses menu and a 'downloads status' window sitting next to it and updated in its own thread. Using different threads for windows was also a challenge since curses (actually ncurses) is not multi-thread safe, but using C++ mutexes I managed to make it work smoothly. I plan on adding some other useful features like limiting the number of simultaneous transfers or adding more than one link at the same time.
  • Works on macOS and Linux Debian based distributions
  • Supports Direct Download Links
  • Supports simultaneous transfers (tested up to 32)
  • Transfers can be paused / resumed / killed
  • Inactive transfers can be cleared from the list
  • Displays current download speed and progress for each transfer
  • Displays current transfer status
  • Signals user input and URL / HTTP errors
  • Very low CPU / RAM consumption
  • (DOING) Partially supports adding multiple links at the same time
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