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Institut Sylvie - Beauty salon website
Fully responsive website Here is my first 'real world' project. The shop owner gave me the chance to build my first website from scratch. Back-end is handled by Flask. Front-end is built from HTML / CSS and plain JavaScript as I didn't feel the need for any libary. All persistent data are stored on a AWS MySQL database connected through MySQLdb Python library. The website is hosted on a AWS Elastic Beanstalk instance. This project taught me a lot about front-end and back-end web development as I had to do everything by myself, from designing the pages to tweaking nginx configuration files.
  • Fully responsive design
  • The owner can post news / updates that are then displayed on the homepage
  • Users can register and get notified about their next appointement, subscribe to the shop newsletter
  • The owner can manage products and services displayed as well as create new categories of products or services
  • The owner can also manage business hours in real-time
  • Visitors can contact the shop through a simple form
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